Theme 4: Value Chain Development, Industrial Crops, Natural Resources and Emerging Sectors

Development of local industries that depend on local resources is key for economic growth.

This sub-theme will cover four key areas:

a) Production and use of appropriate technology

Discussion here will explore the future of modern technology in accelerating industrialization in Kenya.

b) Exploiting value addition opportunities in livestock and industrial crops, natural resources and emerging sectors

Deliberations will focus on the future of processing and value addition of meat, dairy and leather products, bone meal production, oil seed processing, textile and fiber processing as well as biofuel production.

Natural resources and emerging sectors such as irrigation and crop quality, arable land for quality crops, medicinal plants for value-added products, improved crop traits and enahanced livestock breeds will also be discussed.

c) Diversificationn to high value products, including motor vehicles, digital and mobile devices and pharmaceuticals

Deliberations will delve into the future pathways in these BETA initiatives and their potential to accelerate industrialization in Kenya.

d) Exploiting teh AFCTA, UK, EU and EAC markets

Deliberations under this sub-theme will look at market linkages that Kenya can explore to enhance resilience, competitiveness and sustainable growth of Kenya’s agro-processing and value addition industries.