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Regional Conference June 2024 Kisumu County

Why Attend KARC 2024?
The conference brings together state and non-state actors to discuss the future of industrialization in Kenya, with a focus on the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA)

​It is in fulfilment of KIPPRA’s role of providing a platform to promote the exchange of views among stakeholders in the public policy space.

​The KARC 2024 will be hosted by KIPPRA in collaboration with key stakeholders, including the County Government of Kisumu, government ministries, departments, and agencies.

​Delegates will comprise officials from national and county governments, representatives of national authorities, regional economic blocs, local and regional think tanks, as well as development partners, civil society, persons with disability and other special interest groups.
Delegate Information
Everything delegates need to know about the conference, from schedules to participation guidelines.
Kisumu Highlights
Discover the sights and experiences that make Kisumu County a unique destination for our attendees.
Industrialization Talks
Keynote speeches and discussions focusing on the latest trends and innovations in industrialization.
Networking Opportunities
Meet like-minded professionals and industry leaders to build lasting connections in your field.
Sub Themes for Discussion
Policy, legislative and institutional framework in accelerating industrialization in Kenya: Positioning MSEs as a bedrock for industrialization; and the future role of the second-hand economy.

​​​​​Capabilities for industrialization: Future technology forindustrialization including artificial intelligence, big data, block chain;internet of things and the 4th industrial revolution; Innovating toenhance industrialization and developing skills for industrialization.​​​​

​​ Financing industrial activities: The future of financial system in mobilizing resources for industrialization; and sustainable innovative financial products for financing industrial activities.
Value chain development, industrial crops, natural resources, and emerging sectors: Production and use of appropriate technology; exploiting value addition opportunities in livestock and industrial crops, natural resources and emerging sectors; diversification to high value products including motor vehicles, digital and mobile devices and pharmaceuticals; and exploiting the AFCTA, UK, EU, and EAC markets.

​ The nexus between demographic characteristics and industrialization process: Youth and employment opportunities with industrialization; mainstreaming disabilities in the industrialization process; and gender sensitive industrialization process.

​ Compliance of quality and standards of products: Future of quality and standards for competitive industrial products; and industrialization and export growth.
Opportunities for green industrial initiatives: E-waste and circular economy for sustainable industrial development; carbon markets opportunities in industrialization; green buildings and factories; and affordable, appropriate, and reliable environmental industrial goods.

​ Industrial development enablers at national and county level: Renewable energy for sustainable industrial development; e-mobility of efficient transportation; and smart applications for infrastructure services.

​ The reliability and opportunities in industrial data: Future for basic data for constructing statistical indicators of industrial development and data sourcing for industrial statistics such as big data. Youth event:

​Youth in MSMEs, participation in climate change action initiatives; and development and showcasing of technological innovations to support industrialization.

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About KARC
The KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference offers a platform for stakeholders to engage in policy dialogue on pertinent public policy issues. With this year’s theme being The Future of Industrialization in Kenya, the conference aims to provide a platform to explore the pathways and opportunities for industrialization in the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) to accelerate the attainment of the Vision 2030 development agenda, which aims to transform Kenya into an industrialized middle-income country, offering a high quality of life to all citizens
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