The general objective of the conference is to discuss the future of Industrialization in Kenya with a focus on the pathways in the BETA

Common Session

This will entail broad discussions on specific conference sub themes.

Through common session, presentations and discussions will set pace for sub sections to be discussed at the parallel sessions.

The common session will also provide an opportunity for presentation of deliberations from parallel and break away sessions.

Parallel Sessions

This will allow in-depth deliberations on the specific sub-themes of the conference. Through the parallel sessions, the conference can cover multiple issues concurrently and participants can contribute to themes that most interest them as they interact with subject matter experts.

Breakaway Sessions

These will provide an opportunity for presentation of the KIPPRA-Wide Survey policy research work on the conference theme. Additionally, selected researchers who will have successfully gone through the review process and completed their papers will have a chance to present their work during the sessions

Plenary Sessions

All panels will entail themed and guided discussions. The thematic areas will be in line with objectives set for the conference. Plenary sessions will be engaging and interactive, allowing adequate time for participants to ask questions and contribute to the discussions.

Previous Conference Proceedings

Since the inception of the KIPPRA Annual Regional Conference (KARC) in 2018, KIPPRA has held six (6) Annual Regional conferences focusing on different themes. For more information on the past conference proceedings, click on the fliers.